Nathalie Auzépy & Lucas Laurent


Creative Duo

Nathalie & Lucas decide to unite their creative vision
and their respective know-how in the field of visual communication in all its forms:



Story Tellers borrowed from universality and uniqueness,

They are the vision Feminine / Masculine
of a poetic and strategic creation.

Nathalie Auzepy

She founded and directed 4 studios of creations in Paris:

N.U Desing, N.Ads, N.A+, N.A studio

She has to her credit more than 500 projects for the biggest brands in all territories: Cosmetics, Perfumes, Fashion, Hotels...

>3 millions € annual company's turnover.

Precursor she invented in 2001 a profession that does not exist yet in retail trade for the luxury industry.

She managed to remove the commercials images of the windows to install artistic scenography related to the history of the product

This duo has the perspective to see, to incarnate, to act, to love and to go ever further towards experiential creations and achievements in motion known for their many customers.

Their territories of common expressions are linked to the world of brands both in the world of cosmetics and fashion with a transversal approach to the creation of sensitive, ethical, powerfull nature and technological content.

< 1 strategic vision creative and technical >


And dominates the Parisian market from then on she will constantly be copied and try to be bought several times.
But in vain will remain independent ...

She winned several Design Awards in Milan.

She is also a committed visual artist, recognized and exhibited around the world, and many of whose works have been acquired by cities and institutions.

With her works and her creations, she creates a permanent dialogue between the real and the invisible, the interactivity between space, body and spirit.

Lucas Laurent

He win in 2016 the price of the creation at the price of Phase One France.

He regularly contributes to Condé-Nast editions.

He discovered photography when he was just a child. Fascinated by humanitarian photography, like many, it is with Willy Ronisʼ pictures and his book Derrière lʼobjectif (behind the lens) that he discovered the beauty of the Black and White.


He first approaches photography using the tradition of film, spending years in a dark room.

Photography becomes his way of expression before becoming his career.

It is by the side of modern photography’s big names that he trains.

He assists numerous renowned photographers for seven years.

It is them who taught him to work with colour and composition.

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